• Gotham Wines was established as a Negociant wine business in 2004 and in a little over 10 years has evolved to become a collection of wine brands enjoyed around the world to great critical acclaim. In late 2013, Gotham Wines found a home base at our winery in Langhorne Creek and has flourished ever since.


    Gotham Wines produces outstanding value for money wines under the unique and quirky Wine Men of Gotham label and distinctive premium wines under the dark and mysterious Gotham Wines brand.


    Gotham Wines offers superb quality at all price points – a quality recognised and enjoyed at home and across the globe in North America, Europe and throughout Asia.



    Who are The Wine Men of Gotham?


    Are they odd little gentlemen from the village of Gotham in England?

    Are they strange fellows from New York or are they crazy Australian Winemakers?

  • Wine Men of Gotham
    Brut Cuvée


    Wine Men of Gotham Moscato


    Wine Men of Gotham
    Pinot Grigio


    Wine Men of Gotham
    Sauvignon Blanc

    Wine Men of Gotham


    Wine Men of Gotham


    Wine Men of Gotham
    Shiraz Grenache


    Wine Men of Gotham Shiraz Cabernet

    Wine Men of Gotham Cabernet Sauvignon

    Wine Men of Gotham Shiraz


    Gotham Wines takes its name from the mystical name for New York City.


    It was the great American writer Washington Irving who first named New York ‘Gotham’ in his 1807 periodical, The Salmagundi.


    Gotham Wines aim to produce the best value wine money can buy, led by our many Shiraz wines famed for their black ink colour.


    Dark, rich, complex and mysterious – just like New York City and just the way we like it !

  • Gotham Wines

    Clare Valley


    Gotham Wines

    Langhorne Creek
    Cabernet Sauvignon

    Gotham Wines

    Langhorne Creek



    Peter Pollard

    Assistant Winemaker

    Peter was introduced to the wine industry at a young age and quickly developed a passion. While studying for a degree in Oenology at the University of Adelaide, Peter completed a vintage with Peter Lehmann Wines in the Barossa Valley. Intent on broadening his experience, Peter spent the first half of 2001 working as a contract winemaker with Simeon Wines at Loxton and then travelled to the USA to work the 2001 vintage with Geyser Peak Wines in Sonoma Valley, California. In 2001 Peter joined Langhorne Creek Winery as Assistant Winemaker. Peter continued to grow and challenge himself as the business has expanded and he is now Gotham Wines' Senior Winemaker. In his spare time Peter enjoys his cricket and football and catching up with family and friends.

    Sir Nik

    Chief Winemaker


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